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Calibration comprises a more detailed Verification of the device in question, where information about the device is collected and analyzed, the values ​​observed and normally the errors found and uncertainties are registered in a Certificate.

In the past, it was usual to cite Verification and Calibration as “Measurement”, but the terminology “Measurement” was abolished by the VIM – International Vocabulary of Metrology.

Therefore, Calibration is the name given to the set of operations that establish, under specified conditions, the relationship between the values ​​indicated by an instrument (calibrator) or measurement system and the values ​​represented by a materialized measurement or a reference material, or the correspondents of the quantities established by standards.

When we calibrate an instrument, we only demonstrate, by means of measurements, the conditions in which the equipment is found, that is, the calibration does not make the equipment conform to what was intended.

Calibration is data analysis and this data represents the current status of the equipment.


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